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Welcome to the Year of Food and Farming!  

A lot of you will have already learnt about growing food and rearing animals in schools, especially as we are lucky in Hampshire to have a number of farms.  However, we can all learn a bit more about where our food comes from and how it gets on to our plates, either as part of a school lunch, or for dinner at home.

The idea behind the Year of Food and Farming is to make sure all children get to learn more about the farming process; what crops are grown, what animals are reared and how the produce gets to market and ultimately to us!

HC3S is working with Hampshire Fare, who represent a number of local food suppliers, to produce a DVD showing some of our local suppliers and their products.  The milk and vegetables shown are then taken to our main distributors for onwards transportation to schools and of course, for pupils to enjoy as part of their school lunch.

We have had a excellent response from the schools where we trialled the DVD, with parents being particularly pleased to see our links with local suppliers, meaning fresh fruit and vegetables!  We hope that a copy of the DVD will be sent home with every primary school pupil in Hampshire during the Autumn term.

And, of course, this website is also part of our plan to encourage you to learn about food, farming and what you are eating!  Have a look around the site - there is a farmer's blog, activity sheets and general information about the year.  And check out this page every so often so we can let you know what's happening in Hampshire!

And don't forget our web pages about school meals -!

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