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Hello again,

Well, June was an interesting time for me as I spent two weeks of it sat by the pool at our hotel in Tunisia!  It was a lovely holiday and I came back fully refreshed and ready for the busy summer ahead.  The highlight of the holiday was definitely our trip down to the Sahara Desert, and riding camels across the sand, where all you can see is more sand.....absolutely beautiful.

Before I could go on my holidays however, it just happened to be the time when the wheat needed spraying again with another fungicide and the spring barley, which we had sown in April needed some weed killer and a fungicide to control and prevent it getting any diseases.  The Barley growing in the fieldweather at the start of June wasn't great, but towards the end of the week it improved and I managed to get all the spraying that needed doing done before I went on my holidays.  I sprayed more land in two days than I have ever managed before, so once I finally got on holiday it felt like it was a was a well earned rest.

Whilst I was away on holiday at home they cut the grass for silage and baled it, ready for feeding to the cattle through the winter.  Once silage is bailed it needs wrapping in plastic to keep the air out, which would cause it to go moldy. 

On my return to work, there was more spraying to be done, this time the maize which needed a weed killer as the weeds were nearly as big as the maize itself!  I was also told the news that our pig man was leaving us.  This is a bit of a pain because it is just before harvest so we need to find a replacement quickly otherwise we will be extremely busy.  As I sit and write this blog we have found a replacement but unfortunately she can't start work until the end of July/beginning of August, so I'm not sure how we are going to cope yet when we start combining at mid to the end of July.

At the end of the month we had started preparing our sheds ready for when we start combining so that we have somewhere to tip our grain that comes off the fields.  This involves sweeping the sheds and then hoovering them will a big industrial vacuum to get rid of any dirt and dust that maybe in the sheds, after all, you wouldn't want wheat that goes into making your bread to be tipped into a dirty shed, would you?  We also spray the sheds with an insecticide incase there are any bugs in there as they can get into the grain and eat there way through it.  This not only wastes the grain but can also lead to it being rejected by the millers.  

I am now full time pig man until our new pig lady starts, I don't particularly enjoy this as I like to a have a variety of jobs in a week and being pig man means I don't get time to do anything but look after the pigs, but someone has to do it!

We're now hoping that we get some decent sunny weather to ripen our crops and get them ready for harvesting, but we obviously don't have any control over this so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Manchester Council
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