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In Caerphilly

Welcome to Caerphilly County Borough Councils Year of Food and Farming.

What initially started as a small pilot scheme in 2004 to buy lamb and beef from local farmers for our meals on wheels service and has grown into a successful county-wide service.

Now a three-year contract, the scheme provides locally sourced meat for all of the county’s 100 primary and secondary schools, who now serve local meat every week as a tasty and enjoyable part of their school dinners.

The meat is supplied by Gelligaer butcher Morgan Thomas and, with the help of Rhondda-based Baraka Foods Ltd, is turned into healthy low fat, low salt meals such as cottage pie, lasagne, curry and healthy burgers which appeal to children and adults alike.

Providing excellent quality, local food on plates embraces Caerphilly County borough Council’s core aims of promoting local food and developing healthy eating and lifestyles amongst its community. 

The end users, who now form a wide and varied customer base from the very young to the very old, all gain in terms of health and well being from this project.“The results are overwhelming, with both children and adults providing positive feedback in terms of taste and quality said Sally Franks Head of Catering and Cleaning Services. Due to the success of this project we won The True Taste of Wales Award two years running in the Public/Private Initiative category.

We also work in partnership with Caerphilly Health Alliance Nutrition Sub Group and one of our main priorities is to encourage the children to eat ‘5 a day’ fruit and vegetables. The school meal can provide two of these essential healthy foods and make eating school meals an enjoyable and valuable experience.

We buy food locally wherever possible and only use approved suppliers and manufacturers. We work to ensure emerging trends can be catered for, eg currently looking at Organic, Local and Fair Trade products.

We do not use the following additives in any food that we provide E110, E102, E107, E123, E120.  We also do not use meat products that contain MRM (mechanically retrieved meat) and do not knowingly use food containing GM (Genetically modified) ingredients.

We take care to limit the amount of salt used in cooking and bought-in foods, our recipes have been modified to reduce sugar, fat and increase fibre.  Wherever possible we oven cook food to reduce fat content in our dishes.   


Caerphilly County Borough Council
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